Fluid Services

Brake Fluid Flush

Recommended every 2 years, remove old fluid, clean brake fluid container, flush with Castrol Brake Fluid
Option – ATE Blue Performance Fluid

Coolant System Flush

Recommended every 2-3 years, remove all fluid from system, fill with your choice of grade 203 or 5 year coolant: add 1 bottle of RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment, pressure test cap and system & inspect fins for clogging

Trans Fluid Flush and Inspect

Remove all your old fluid and install new fluid, add BG ATC Plus (not for all models), transmission filter replaced, inspect transmission cooler and hoses and check for proper shift operation.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Flush all power steering fluid through system, replace filter (not for all models) refill with correct fluid, inspect hoses and belts, and power steering pump condition

Fuel Injection/Top End Engine Cleaner

Perform fuel injection flush using top end BG fuel injection system cleaner.

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