Cooling System & Radiators

Is your car overheating?  Does your radiator have a coolant leak?  Are you seeing a puddle of antifreeze?  Do you keep having to add fluid to your cooling system?  Do you see steam coming from under your hood?  Do you get that smell coming from your vents?  Does your temperature gauge keep going to the red?  Don’t let a simple problem turn into major engine problems (cracked cylinder head, cracked block, blown head gasket).  Give Performance Motor Works a call for an appointment.

If you are experiencing problems with your cooling system or radiator, Performance Motor Works can help:

  • By checking the radiator, thermostat and water pump
  • Pressure check your radiator and cooling system
  • Free inspection of belts and hoses
  • By checking the complete cooling system
  • Performing a cooling system flush
  • With the replacement of leaking cooling system components